Residential Cleaning Overview

A clean home is a safe home and a place you can feel relaxed in. Knowing that everything is wiped down, sanitized, and fresh will let you focus on enjoying time with friends or family, or simply doing whatever you want with your free time. We offer quality residential cleaning services.

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Bathroom - Residential Cleaning


- Sanitization and washing of all bathroom furniture
- All accessible surfaces will be dusted
- Mirrors, glass, tiles, etc. will be wiped down
- All floor surfaces will be cleaned thoroughly
- All garbage and recycling will be taken out

Kitchen - Residential Cleaning


- All accessible surfaces will be dusted
- The sink will be emptied, and the dishwasher loaded
- Exterior surfaces will be wiped down
- All floor surfaces will be cleaned thoroughly
- Garbage and recycling will be removed

Living Room - Residential Cleaning

Bedroom & Living Room

- Dusting for all accessible surfaces
- Mirrors and glass fixtures will be wiped down
- All flooring will be cleaned
- Take out garbage and recycling

Busy lives outside of the home can make it difficult to find the time to clean inside the home. Therefore, a house cleaning service is essential.  Let Teebs Cleaning take care of it for you with our general cleaning in Denver service. We’ll keep on top of the housework for you while you get to spend your free time as you choose. It’s the simple solution that allows you to spend time with your family and friends without ever needing to worry about cleaning. Residential cleaning is always hassle free with Teebs Cleaning.

Getting your house spotlessly clean means getting into every corner, cleaning every surface, and sanitizing wherever possible. If your home has not been deep cleaned in a while, there’s no better time than now! Let our team members deep clean your home in Colorado and bring back the sparkle.

Moving-in or moving out of a property in Colorado can be stressful and quite hard work. From finding deposits to closing day, there’s a lot to think about and potential many items (and memories) to take with you. House cleaning professionals at Teebs will ensure that your home is all in good order when your moving in or out cleaning is in our capable hands.

Having a party, social event, or dinner with several friends? Let Teebs handle the clean-up process both before and after your event. We’re flexible and can fit your requirements, just let us know exactly what you need and we will be able to help.

Cleaning Before selling house cleaning

You want to attract buyers for the right reasons, and a clean well-kept home is the best way to do this. When you know that photos will be seen potentially worldwide when they are placed on the agent’s website, why wouldn’t you want it to look its best? Teebs Cleaning provides a professional cleaning team to brighten up your house.

House cleaning on closing day

With everything that may need to be moved out of a house, there’s sure to be a little mess left behind. At Teebs, we can clean real estate houses on closing day to ensure that the sellers don’t need to worry about it. And the new residents will be 100% happy with their purchase. Selling houses with aspirational lifestyles just got a little bit easier with our real estate cleaning service.

Open House Cleaning

Just as you’d want your house to be clean for photos. Similarly, It is just as important to present the best aspect of it when you have an open house event. Letting the team at Teebs Cleaning make your house wonderfully clean will not only give a great first impression, but it may also just tip the balance in your favor when people start making offers.

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